How do I evolve successfully in a changing healthcare environment?

Every area of American life and business has been impacted in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, substantial changes have occurred in just a matter of months, weeks, or even days that greatly impact healthcare businesses and the patients they serve. Regardless of choice or previous adoption of certain technologies, providers have seen their workflows, revenue, staffing, and general modes of operation challenged at virtually every turn. Providers and facilities are left asking—how do I evolve successfully in a changing healthcare environment? How do I plow ahead with a “new normal” that is safe and sustainable for myself, my patients, and my staff?

Catastrophic disruption events can be just that—both disruptive and costly. But they can also afford us unique opportunities to improve efficiency and improve operations in our businesses for the better in the long-term. Here are some areas and principles by which forward-thinking healthcare businesses are evolving successfully under challenging circumstances and the opportunities that they present:

  1. Reassess the necessity of non-essential activities and expenses
    If there were areas of our businesses in which inefficiencies previously existed, a disruptive event will often force us to find and adopt alternative solutions for the sake of sustainability. Although federal funding and grants are supporting businesses, many are being afforded time to make a sustainable plan for the “new normal” stage of business.
  2. Become an early adopter in technologies while the opportunity is ripe
    We all wish we had invested in manufacturing of N-95 masks or testing swabs last year before the news of COVID broke. While that opportunity has come and gone, healthcare businesses still have an opportunity to become early adopters of telehealth services that will build valuable business connections for many years to come.
  3. Embrace change proactively rather than resisting it
    Resistance to change doesn’t keep it from arriving. Providers who are embracing telehealth to serve existing and new patients are able to grow their businesses and explore new clinical care and revenue opportunities that require less overhead (less nursing staff, office and waiting room space required).

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