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SAGE Health Connects Hundreds of Central PA SNF Residents with Specialist Providers 

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic upon Pennsylvania has continued to increase, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) across the state have implemented wide-spread precautionary measures to protect their residents and teams from exposure to the virus. As CMS has mandated visitation restrictions and limited unnecessary movement in and out of facilities, many specialist appointments have been postponed or cancelled. SAGE Health is offering a rapid deployment of their solutions to SNFs in need of secure telehealth services and a method for offering virtual calls for resident family conferences. Through the utilization of this platform, residents have been able to connect with specialist providers without risking exposure to the virus.

COVID-19 has been a catalytic spark that has ignited the adoption of specialist telehealth options like never before at reduced costs for SNFs. SNFs have historically spent $100,000s each year to transport residents to outside specialist appointments without receiving any reimbursement from CMS for their efforts. Now, residents can receive appropriate specialist care within the comfort of their own rooms and without risking unnecessary exposure within another healthcare facility. Due to the expansion of telehealth billing guidelines, providers can receive full reimbursement for these telehealth events and SNFs can be reimbursed for assisting the resident with the event on their end (See our Billing Guide here). SAGE Health is thankful for the opportunity to connect residents with high-quality providers in a safe and secure manner during this pandemic and for the foreseeable future. From all of us at SAGE Health, we hope that you remain safe during this unprecedented time.


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