Senior with face mask looking through window needing psychological care

SAGE Health Helps Skilled Nursing Facilities Access Psychiatric and Psychological Care, including Anti-Psychotic Drug Management

Many skilled nursing facilities have a difficult time accessing local geriatric psychiatric and psychological services for their residents. Many of those who may have had the ability to do so in the past had in-person services interrupted. This is particularly problematic due to the psychological strains placed on residents whose visitation has been restricted due to necessary protective measures during this pandemic.

SAGE meets the needs of these residents by connecting SNF residents with remote psychiatric and psychological care via telehealth. This meets a critical need because the federal Nursing Home Reform Law (1987) requires an annual review of resident drug plans by an independent, external consultant. Whether or not facilities are still closed to in-person visits to some extent, now is a great time to embrace telehealth. Remember, SAGE Health makes great financial sense for skilled nursing facilities:

  • SAGE Health is free for SNFs (no implementation or monthly costs)
  • SAGE Health reduces expenses for each telehealth event by eliminating transportation costs
  • SAGE Health telehealth events are reimbursable to pay for the labor costs of hosting the call

In light of this great need, a provider in our network enjoyed dramatic growth in her psychiatric care business after joining the SAGE pool. Within one week’s time, this Pennsylvania provider was able to receive referrals for nearly 100 appointments at a total of 3 nursing facilities with whom she had not previously worked and schedule those appointments for mutually agreeable times.

SAGE Health is on a mission to empower connections with high-quality specialist providers and the residents who are in need of their care. Access to care improves clinical outcomes and quality of life for skilled nursing residents. Learn more about these revolutionary efforts and how your facility or practice can participate by scheduling a 30-minute demo with our team.


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