Secure Health Document Transfer for Telemedicine

SAGE Health is revolutionizing specialist assisted telehealth appointments in Skilled Nursing Facilities. Our Inter-provider, HIPAA Compliant secure telehealth portal connects specialist providers with skilled nursing facility residents in order to improve clinical outcomes, increase revenue, and reduce costs for all!


HIPAA Compliant & Free for SNFs

Our secure data vault provides a simple, HIPAA compliant way to share PHI efficiently while scheduling and conducting telehealth appointments. We are helping providers and skilled nursing facilities rapidly deploy telemedicine solutions that reduce exposure and risk during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. SAGE Health is free for SNFs and the residents they serve.


Connecting patients to specialists remotely


Efficient, secure telehealth clinics run by professionals


Access to high-quality providers in a larger geographic footprint

Increased revenue, reduced costs
and improved satisfaction for all

Having a full telehealth system in place can help a 150-bed SNF save approximately $80,000 in transportation costs and generate $40,000 in assisted telehealth revenue for a total benefit of $120,000/year.

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Now Offering

Digestive Health

Pain Specialists

Wound Care


Sage Health Provides East Coast Telehealth Solutions

Sage HEALTH has been deployed in Lebanon, Hermitage, Uniontown, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Lititz. We also serve Maine and West Virginia facilities with more states to follow. We are training new SNFs and providers to use SAGE Health every week!

Is SAGE Health too good to be true?

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SAGE Health will help your SNF launch a secure specialist telehealth solution that can be used to help your residents receive quality care today. We can help you run remote neurology, psychiatry, dermatology, rheumatology, and pain specialist appointments or clinics in your facility. Not only is SAGE no cost to SNFs and a method for reducing transportation costs, but it actually generates revenue for the SNF\'s part in assisting with the visit. Join other SNFs in providing an exciting new offering for your residents that improves their satisfaction, access to quality care, and security… for free

History of SAGE Health

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SAGE Health was designed and built by a team of healthcare facility owner/operators and electrical engineers with a background in innovative private blockchain software development. SAGE is built on a secure web platform developed under a DHS contract and adapted for US Customs and Border Protection and the Air Force for sensitive unclassified information. SAGE Health provides the world\'s most secure private data vault in the world for each of its users. This model is patient-centric and keeps records where they belong, protecting private health information for its users and patients. SAGE Health has been deployed for a growing number of SNFs of various sizes across PA and looks forward to connecting SNF residents with the care they need in more and more facilities.

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